Chemical dose optimiser

ChemDose+ Optimiser

Chemical dose optimiser  ChemDose+ Optimiser

Meet solids removal and water safety targets with ease

A combination of our core operations expertise and advanced smart water optimization technology and solutions allow you to transform your water management.

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How ChemDose+ Optimiser works

Chemical dosing for water treatment requires consistency, accuracy and certainty to assure safety.

Our ChemDose+ Optimiser application draws on water management expertise, machine learning, and statistical modelling to help water operators predict and prescribe chemical dose requirements.

ChemDose+ Optimiser also provides a digital ‘jar test’ to help validate decisions during dynamic events.

Remove solids and organics and meet water safety targets

Unlock low-cost coagulant optimisation

Never miss a dosing event

Be prepared for dynamic events

Predict and prescribe chemical dose requirements

Long-term chemical use and cost savings

Next generation water management

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