KDX’s digital twin technology making waves in 2022

To close out the year, KDX’s digital twin technology was highlighted as part of our wrap-up in TRILITY’s end-of-year BD e-newsletter, a snapshot of TRILITY’s contracts and projects.

2022 saw a multitude of KDX applications utilised across the industry and within TRILITY operations. Head to pages 6 and 7 to read more about some of the highlights for KDX in 2022!

KDX provides world-leading water management software designed to maximise the efficiency of water and wastewater operations, saving time and money.

Designed as a modular, cloud-ready solution, KDX can be adapted to your specific operational goals, whether they are financial, environmental or customer-drive.

The Macarthur Water Filtration Plant (WFP) in Sydney successfully navigated extremely difficult circumstances, weathering unseasonal rainfall and water quality challenges. To meet this challenge, the KDX application Chemdose+ was used for coagulant dose prediction, water quality management, and process performance monitoring, enabling a new era of data-driven incident response management. This capability, combined with a commitment to operational excellence, saw the team not only achieve, but exceed expectations for production, availability, and water quality during these very trying conditions.

With a focus on operational excellence and confidence in meeting climate and regulatory challenges, our compliance tool, Vantage+, was deployed at; GWMWater plants in Ararat, Stawell, Halls Gap, and Great Western. It is also being deployed at Macarthur WFP, and all water treatment plants operated by Lower Murray Water and Mackay Regional Councils.

By giving operational teams the ability to automatically pre-process online data and calculate filtration and disinfection log removal value; the compliance software allows quality teams to be ahead of the curve for health-based targets compliance under the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines in real time. We also continue our focus on innovation, with our flagship digital twin and co-simulation technology for wastewater operations, Aer+, which has been deployed for Victor Harbor Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) and other utility partners in 2023, including Mackay regional council.

This technology allows teams to optimise and automatically calibrate a real-time digital twin of the WWTP, benchmarking to industry standards, dynamically optimising, and drastically improving energy usage and bioreactor performance in real-time. Access to our expert teams is one of our fundamental value propositions enabling us to offer hands-on help with core operational issues; demonstrating how the service can provide the right solution for many operational problems.

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