KDX presents at Smart Water Utilities

KDX’s very own Kalan Braun will be speaking at this year’s Australian Smart Water Utilities 2023 exhibition. Hear Kalan speak about using a digital twin in wastewater operations to identify and sustain environmental and energy management improvements at any size or scale.

Kalan will also discuss:
💧 A new approach to WWTP digital twin modelling: Co-simulation using hybrid machine learning and physics-based modelling using real-time data.

💧 Speak on KDX’s use of co-simulation to combine the best of both these approaches using the known components of physics-based models with AI to determine and ‘auto-calibrate’ the more complex dynamics.

💧 The opportunities for operational efficiency, as well as other benefits for asset and environmental managers.

For more information about the exhibition, visit Australian Smart Water Utilities 2023