Chemical stock manager

Stock+ Manager

Chemical stock manager  Stock+ Manager

Save effort and costs on chemical stock management

Dosing is obviously critical to your operations and Stock+ Manager helps you plan the optimal chemical stock levels to ensure an ongoing safe water supply.

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How Stock+ Manager works

Our Stock+ Manager application helps relieve the time and planning involved in chemical stock management, while also helping to control costs.

Forecasts stock levels based on predicted usage rates, calculates when stock levels will run low, and the amount needed for replenishment orders.

Stock+ Manager also uses data to notify operators when to make a new order, as well as vendor ordering windows to avoid missing out.

Improved management of existing chemical stock inventory

Save time on stock management

Forecast chemical stocks for confidence in supply chain management

Control chemical costs

Notifications for vendor restocking windows

Prepare and plan with confidence during extreme water quality or weather events

Next generation water management

KDX provides world-leading water management software designed to maximise the efficiency of water and wastewater operations, saving time and money.