Filter health monitor

Filter+ Optimiser

Filter health monitor  Filter+ Optimiser

Assess filter health with confidence

Safe water requires consistent assessment, diagnosis and management of filtration assets, while also managing long-term asset health.

The Filter+ Optimiser monitors the health and performance of your filter across conventional media and membrane filtration assets. Filter+ Optimiser significantly reduces operational risk by equipping operators and treatment managers with automated tools that monitor filter health, solids loading, mudballing and fouling prevention in real-time.

• Reduction in washwater, consumption and throughput
• Consistently monitor filter asset health across all filter unit processes and flows
• Prevent fouling, improve filter ripening, and increase stability
• Enhance backwash and pumping efficiency with dynamic filter washing

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How Filter+ Optimiser works

Our Filter+ Optimiser application monitors filter health and performance across conventional media and membrane filtration assets. It offers advanced backwash monitoring and optimisation, providing early warning of filter performance failures. It provides real-time asset health monitoring, solids overloading, and fouling prevention triggers.

Filter+ Optimiser takes away the need to manage complex, filtration data bringing all of the important information into a one-stop shop, to understand the filtration process, asset integrity, and process health. It helps validate engineering and commissioning assumptions while providing effective media backwashing tools, membrane performance, and management oversight.

When paired with ChemDose+ Optimiser, Filter+ Optimiser allows the coagulation and filtration assets in membrane filtration to be optimised systematically and in unison.

Consistently gauge filter health

Automate backwash setpoints for improved capacity

integrity and fouling calculations

Inbuilt fouling prevention triggers

Prevent excessive conventional filter washing

Optimise influent stability and backwash logic control

Oversee chemical cleaning

Enhance energy efficiency

Control UF/MF membrane water quality compliance

Manage membrane asset lifecycle KPIs with real-time

Automate and comply with health-based target monitoring to ensure confidence in drinking water supply

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