Smart compliance manager

Vantage+ Scorecard

Smart compliance manager  Vantage+ Scorecard

Stay a step ahead of water quality and regulatory requirements

Keeping up-to-date with the variety of regulatory compliance requirements takes resources and focus, but Vantage+ streamlines the process to lighten the load and provide automated data management.

The Vantage+ application allows utilities to automate water quality compliance and critical control point management using automatic, rules-based reporting and real-time monitoring. Vantage+ helps water treatment operators oversee compliance across their entire operational footprint ensuring that key standards for drinking water safety and environmental discharge are being met.

Vantage+ also identifies underperforming processes and assets and assists operators in rectifying these issues.

• Calculate, monitor and report log removal values for health-based targets in real-time
• Automate water quality compliance and data ingestion across your entire asset base
• Maintain compliance and public health requirements automatically in any regulator drinking framework (WHO, USEPA, ADWG).

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How Vantage+ Scorecard works

Vantage+ Scorecard helps water treatment operators to stay on top of key standards for drinking water safety and environmental discharge, such as those from the World Health Organisation, the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines, and the US EPA.

The application achieves this with automated tracking and real-time visibility over control points for essential health and safety measures such as disinfection, pH control, and turbidity.

By monitoring and consolidating this data, it is easy to identify and rectify underperforming processes and assets. It can track and update water safety assessments, freeing compliance teams from unnecessary manual data management and administration.

Oversee compliance of critical operations on dashboards

Track real-time performance of critical control points

Automate and generate risk-based water safety planning assessments with our water quality experts

Relieve teams from unnecessary manual administration with automation

Identify key underperforming processes and assets

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